GIN was created by Kevin Trudeau with input from 29 other incredibly successful individuals that have pooled their knowledge from a variety of backounds. Conception, formulation, and assembly of The Success Mastery Course, the premier personal development system, started in 1999. And the incredible Your Wish Is Your Command audio series was recorded in late 2008 as the first segment of that training. The Global Information Network, officially launched November 1st 2009, is a Success Club designed to assist all members in uncovering their heart's deepest goals and helping our members achieve their dreams.

Kevin Trudeau
The Amazing Kreskin Earlene Vining Ron Ball Dr. Robert Marshall, PhD, CCN Marshall Sylver Ed Foreman Jana Owen
Dr. Roger & Joanne Callahan Joe Sugarman Dr. Ted Morter Arte Maren Dr. Jeffrey McCombs Les Brown,
And Many More!

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